MOVEO – Lightweight aluminium construction, versatile, easy to operate

A movable wall system that facilitates multifunctional room configuration combined with openness and – when required – transparency as well. With MOVEO and MOVEO Glass, you have at your disposal operable partition systems capable of harmoniously combining daylight-flooded and sound-insulated room concepts.

  • Flexible partition systems <br> instilled with 130 years of tradition
  • Smart solutions - for efficient room management
  • Sound advice right from the initial planning phase
  • Wide-ranging, professional service network

Switchable Magic Glass - flexible discretion

Description: Open to view or opaque for privacy? Magic Glass offers both. At the push of a button – on the wall or on your remote – you can transform the glass from transparent to translucent.

It’s a solution that could not be more practical for applications where transparent and opaque are both desirable on occasion.

MOVEO & MOVEO Glass - a great combination


The mix of opaque MOVEO and transparent MOVEO Glass elements offers enormous flexibility for creative interior design.

The two element types are fully compatible, combining transparency and sound insulation to good effect.

Available with fully automatic system

MOVEO & MOVEO Glass system is completely compatible with ComfortDrive system. It further enhances the operation of the system on top of its flexible design.