Entry level self-guiding Aluminium track system

Aluminium track system for intermediate height panels with mechanically guided rollers plus curves & switches for maximum operational ease. It is a uni-direction track system which ensures the panels are stowed at its designated storage location by a combination of mechanically guided rollers and junctions. High flexibility of applications to fully utilize the floor space. At such intermediate heights, it is one of its kind track system with simple installation and lower entry point but high operational efficiency. It can carry up to loads of 800KGs per panel.

  • Robust aluminium track system
  • Self-guided track system
  • Up to 800 KGs carrying load per panel
  • Standardised roller body

Robust aluminium track system for easy operation

SR800 is an aluminium track system in which its rollers are mechanically guided at the junctions. Operation of the panels are designed with this in mind making it simple and direct to use. Although the track is made of aluminium, it caters to higher loads due to the increased strength through the improved profile design.

Modular design

The rollers of the SR800 system is of modular design whereby its main body is a standard part. In this way, it is easier to adapt to refurbishments & service requirements. This also ensures the longevity as well as cost effectiveness of the system.

Sound advice right form the initial planning phase

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