VariFlex Solid 85 - Widest range of solid partitions

Variflex from Dorma Hüppe allows architectural creativity to be applied. From the floor plan to the installation to the operable partition itself, Variflex combines spatial elegance and functional efficiency. Regardless of their characteristics and function, rooms can be effortlessly partitioned, made smaller or larger, and re-proportioned to suit individual requirements. Any area, from a small conference room to a large exhibition hall, can be optimally adapted to suit varying numbers of users. It is the most versatile system yet for solid partitions.

  • Super-stable design (steel-aluminum construction)
  • Sound reduction ratings up to Rw 45dB with Top series
  • Wide choice of high-quality surfaces, materials, color and finishes
  • Extra versatility with full range of heights, layouts, and acoustic performance

Partition layout adaptable to any room geometry


With its variety of panel types, the Variflex system can be tailored to almost any class of application in the most diverse areas of commercial usage.

Whether to meet exclusive design requirements or incorporate doors of angles, DORMA Hüppe Variflex offers the right solutions for all kinds of detail requirements.

Widest solid panel range


Variflex range comes with entry level S85 up to Top series for high acoustic performance. Be it a meeting room or an exhibition hall, the system can adapt to widest range of acoustic requirements. Variflex has a long history of being the industry’s favourite solid partition system with a strong backing of projects being implemented.

Sound advice right from the initial planning phase


Whether for a new building, a conversion or a refurb, the decision in favor of a DORMA Hüppe partition system will ensure you reap the benefits of high product quality combined with the advisory expertise of our experienced, helpful staff.

We will assist you in your specific project with individual support and advanced architectural tools to ensure a fully integrated approach to planning, design and installation.