Multi-direction Aluminium track system

Aluminium track system for light weight, low height applications. It is a multi-direction track system which requires minimal storage spaces. Almost unlimited flexibility of applications to fully utilize the floor space. It can carry up to loads of 500KGs per panel. Support rollers in junctions ensures easy operation when sliding panels across intersections.

  • Lightweight aluminium track system
  • Slender track size
  • Up to 500KGs carry load per panel
  • Multi-direction track system

Lightweight aluminium track system for versatile application

R-track track system is a lightweight & durable track based off aluminium. It is a versatile track in which stacking, and positioning is infinite. Junctions are at right angles. Obtuse angles are also possible to match the required layout of the movable walls making this system highly adaptable to designers’ desire room dividing concept. It is widely used in small office space and low height applications.

Slender track with 500KG capacity

The track profile design is slender with a dimension of 98mm x 82mm but can carry loads of up to 500KGs. It is highly durable for modern interior designs whereby heavy materials such as glass, marble is applied to movable walls even for short clear heights.

Sound advise right form the initial planning phase

Whether for a new building, a conversion or a refurbishment, our professional, experienced, helpful staff can assist you in the early stage of layout design to meet the ever-changing needs to building application. We will assist you in your specific project with individual support to ensure a fully integrated approach to planning, design and installation.