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Whether you are building, converting or updating, a Dorma Hüppe partition system gives you the advantage of our products’ high quality and our employees’ consulting expertise. We support your projects with individual advice, the latest architectural tools for integrated planning and construction, as well as an expert service for your partition systems’ sustainable operation. Whenever you need us, Dorma Hüppe is there for you. Our products are precision engineered to do the job they were designed for, and Dorma Hüppe makes sure that any needed service, maintenance or quick retrofits never get in the way of your productivity or profitability.

Dorma Hüppe cares about client satisfaction and the quality of our products. We understand the importance of functionality and safety, as well as preserving the value of your investment. Our professional, nationwide, Service and Maintenance team can provide a customised service program that will help you get the most out of your space division products. We support all product brands and can offer a variety of solutions to protect your investment, enhance performance and renew existing systems.

Planned Maintenance

We provide customised service and maintenance programs so you can be confident that any damage or wear will be identified and remedied at an early stage

  • Minimise downtime through proactive checks of your walls’ condition and functionality, and replacement of damaged and worn-out parts
  • Our technicians are skilled in the service and repair of manual walls, semi-automatic and fully automatic systems
  • We can provide training in the proper care and operation of your operable walls
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Emergency Service and Repair

Dorma Hüppe’s extensive network means you can be sure of a fast response for emergency repairs.

Our technicians carry a broad range of components to promptly restore your wall to functionality and extend its life.

Service Hotline:

1800 675 411 (National)

02 9645 8359 (Sydney)

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Upgrades and Refurbishments

Dorma Hüppe provides design and technical advice for upgrades and retrofit to your existing walls

  • Personal expert advice at your premises
  • Refurbishment of aging partition systems
  • Modification/extension of existing systems
  • Replacement of complete component groups (track rails, drive systems, surface finishes and panel elements
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