High capacity steel track system

Steel track system for extra high panels with mechanically guided rollers plus curves & switches for maximum operational ease. It is a uni-direction track system which ensures the panels are stowed at its designated storage location by a combination of mechanically guided rollers and junctions. Almost limitless flexibility of applications to fully utilize the floor space. Most relevant applications include international convention and exhibition centers. The most robust track system with simple installation and but high operational efficiency. It can carry up to loads of 2000KGs per panel.

  • Robust & reliable high carrying capacity track system
  • Self-guided track system with electrical junctions option
  • Up to 2000KGs carrying load per panel
  • Robust roller body design

High carrying capacity all steel track system for full space flexibility

SR2000 is an all steel track system in which its rollers are mechanically guided at the junctions. Operation of the panels are designed with this in mind making it simple and direct to use. An extensive number of combinations for layout design are possible to make full use of the available space or towards the client’s preference. In addition, electrical junctions are available as option to further enhance the layout flexibility of the SR2000 track system.

Simplified installation

The SR2000 track system is designed with onsite application in mind. The track simple to install making this an efficient system with reduced types of parts. As such high capacity tracks are commonly applied for huge spaces (such as convention halls, exhibition halls, etc.), the implementation of SR2000 allows the project to be completed in a timely fashion, reducing complications. Service is a straight forward affair due to little types of parts involved.

Sound advice right form the initial planning phase

Whether for a new building, a conversion or a refurbishment, our professional, experienced, helpful staff can assist you in the early stage of layout design to meet the ever-changing needs to building application. We will assist you in your specific project with individual support to ensure a fully integrated approach to planning, design and installation.