Varitrans Compactline movable glass wall system

Whether open or closed, with its movable, light-admitting glass panels, Varitrans creates a spacious room ambience, separating functional zones without the distraction of visual barriers. With the effortless convenience of Varitrans Compactline, the elements can be moved quickly and reliably. The movable wall system with its bespoke curved profiles exudes excellence with its elegant craftsmanship, attractive design, solid robustness and lasting quality.

  • Movable glass wall system with bespoke curved profiles
  • Wide selection of panel types and stacking solutions
  • Creative scope with glass as a design material

Flexible room partitioning with transparent benefits

Varitrans glass elements from DORMA Hüppe provide a clear view of the extended space while remaining almost invisible to the casual eye. The individually operable glass elements can be used to create a variable and transparent room layout or an elegant and securely closed entrance point. The result is rooms with a natural ambience, enticing elegance and generous spaciousness.

Aesthetic appeal without floor track

Floor track is not required for the Varitrans Compactline system. Panel is secured using floor bolts which is easily slotted into floor bushes. Floor design is less disrupted making the room design look more seamless.

Sound advice right from the initial planning phase

Whether for a new building, a conversion or a refurb, the decision in favour of a DORMA Hüppe movable wall system will ensure you reap the benefits of high product quality combined with the advisory expertise of our experienced, helpful staff.

We will assist you in your specific project with individual support and advanced architectural tools to ensure a fully integrated approach to planning, design and installation.