Dorma Hüppe movable walls: Global provider of high-quality operable partition systems.

Dorma Hüppe provides inspiring solutions to maximize space & functionality with movable walls. We are a trusted global supplier of intelligent systems for versatility in room configuration.

With its movable wall systems for conference facilities, conventions, offices, exhibitions etc. and 130 years of company tradition supporting it, Dorma Hüppe is able to offer customers throughout the world smart solutions for efficient room management. Dorma Hüppe not only plans, designs and installs movable partition wall systems, it also ensures their ongoing durability, function and performance with a range of high-value added services.

  • Flexible partition systems <br> instilled with 130 years of tradition
  • Smart solutions - for efficient room management
  • Sound advice right from the initial planning phase
  • Wide-ranging, professional service network
  • Building information modeling (BIM) <br> for maximum efficiency in your planning work
  • EPD declarations for all Dorma Hüppe systems

Acoustic Operable



A different approach to movable walls. Simplified operation and application.

Variflex 85


Our classic system ranging from basic systems, with the option of high flexibility for a wide range of applications.

Variflex 100


With added acoustic performance & durability of Variflex system.



One of the lightest systems in the industry without compromising acoustic performance. Automatic seals are standard.

Variflex ComfortDrive


With ComfortDrive, the Variflex panels move to the required position quickly under smart control.

Skyfold Classic


The new vertical partitions system opens fully automatically for space-saving storage in the ceiling.

Skyfold Zenith


For even more spatial efficiency with Zenith range. Furniture can be placed even closer to the partition.

Skyfold Mirage


Mirage combines the vertical operability of Skyfold technology with fabulous transparency to create bright inviting rooms.

Glass Partitions

Moveo Glass


Moveo Glass combines brilliant transparency and sound insulation with more light, more room, more quietnes.

Varitrans Compactline


The movable glass partition system with bespoke curved profiles offers numerous equipment options.

Varitrans Straightline


The movable glass partition system with bespoke curved profiles offers numerous equipment options.